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Possible options:
virtual or retreat center programs
  1. Wonder 101
  2. Wander 102
  3. Time Traveler
  4. Taste
  5. Books, the love and life of...

> I work alone and really need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to motivate me once in a while or give me those fun assignments I miss from school to get my creative juices flowing again.

> I feel like I'm missing out on something because I'm so far removed from the things I did and learned in school that I really could use a coach to help bring the joy back into my routine and work/life balance. I want to improve things like my type affinity, my use of color, risk-taking, or just projects I can't do because I'm in-house or don't have the type of clients for that work.


Val can help you in a variety of ways. This process all starts with a FREE initial inquiry and verbal conversation over the phone or skype or other virtual options. It may be that you just need a short coaching session to review your work providing an outside perspective of your strengths and weaknesses, things to improve, things to discard, and advice on a project that you should focus on. You don't have to work with Val on that project, but that's a second option that she can customize something for you based on her innovative approach to creativity in design.

A third option is participating in a retreat style workshop at Val's artist retreat center in the rural rolling hills of 90 miles Tennessee southwest of Nashville. You can choose one of her courses and have a private session weekend or week-long session, you can invite your friends for a group experience, or you can participate in one of several offerings such as the book workshops occurring in 2018. This will help get you out of your rut by getting into nature, meeting new people, reading a book and discussing it, building camaraderie amongst the small group of participants over meals and work/play time in the natural setting including exploring forested areas, kayaking depending on the season and interacting with the camp animals – donkeys, rabbits, chickens, cats, and a dog or two.

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